Kai Djuric brings his blend of cool & funky jazz to your place. Heavily influenced by the R’n’B flavors of his hometown, Toronto, Kai mixes roots reggae and ice cold acid-jazz, cooking up fresh breaks for sophisticated audiences. Kai has been playing trumpet for over twenty years, and is a graduate of Humber College and a Berklee School of music scholarship recipient.

The bold sound of Kai’s instrument of choice, the trumpet, has the power to reach deeply into the human soul. When playing live, Kai has the ability to use this power to connect to his audience, and always aims to bring people together in a vibrant atmosphere. Having played for over 25 years, Kai has combined a refined musical awareness with astounding technical skill.

He arrived in Hong Kong 2005 with a band that was a staple in JJ’s. Kai continues to perform regularly with his band, creating new and captivating music, and always bringing the venue alive.